The Owner

The Owner
I once played a game called “If you really know me, you’d know that...”

... at the age of 3 with my cat sitting on my tiny lap, I wished my thighs were bigger so he could be more comfortable. At 12, I adopted a chicken from the School Fun Fair. I named her Fat Chicken, and fed her cockroaches when she was sick. I named my first cat Foxy and believe his immortal feline spirit is still with me. I refer to Blui, the German Shepherd mix, as “my first born.” I got Lucy from a quilting class.  

Here are some of the things you ought to know about me... I studied in England, where I earned a degree in Psychology. For over five years, I worked as a Program Manager for a start-up satellite TV company in Asia, with a footprint covering 40 countries. I worked at a financial planning firm in Boston for over ten years, handling highly confidential and personal information.

I spend my vacation either visiting my family or going go to yoga retreat.

I have five paw print tattoos, my babies with me forever, Lucy, Annie, Jeremy, Bailey and Colby.

updated: 3 years ago